COVID-19 virus reduced hours:  Tuesday-Friday 11am-3pm, Saturday 11am-5pm  

The GIft Box is now open to the public, but proceeding with caution.  We are requiring our customers to wear face masks and to social distance (6 feet) when shopping inside our store.  We will lock the door when a total of 10 people are within our store.  We are following state guidlines for the protection of ourselves and our customers during the COVID-19 virus pandemic.  However, we have made adjustments in how we conduct business:

-We ask our customers while in our shop to PLEASE WEAR A FACIAL MASK in order to protect themselves and to protect others.

-We currently are providing free shipping for any items we are mailing out for Mother's Day or otherwise in May.

-Please call us at 630 232-4151 during working hours.  We don't have voicemail but Jeanne checks our caller ID on our phone and does call back any of our customers who may have called.

-Please email our website or contact us via social media (Facebook) for product inquiries, mail orders, or if there is anything we can send to you in the mail.      

-We are taking precautions and making assurances to our customers that we are keeping surfaces clean in our shop such as doorknobs, countertops, any common areas such as our check out counter. 

-We have anti-bacterial gel at our counter for customers to sanitize their hands at check out.

-We are also suggesting that if customers want to purchase items such as food or other gifts, they can call ahead and we will package the items, they can pay us and we can have their items ready for pick up.

-For our senior citizens, we can make arrangements for curbside delivery to their car of purchased items if they don't want to come into our store.

-We appreciate all of our customers and we wish that everyone stays safe and abides by the rules during this pandemic.

We look forward to seeing you!

-We now carry Batavia artist Kathy McPartlands new books about Geneva and Good Templar Park!  We have also received a new shipment of her counter cards.  Her cards subject matter is all things Geneva and our wonderful local park Good Templar Park. 

-New shipment of counter cards downstairs has arrived.

-New cards from a wonderful Minnesota artist have arrived upstairs across from the check out counter.

-We also received a new shipment of Norwegian cheese slicers with wooden handles.

-We also now sell ceramic cookie stamps again in many patterns.  They have been unavailalbe for a few years but are now back in production.



Photos from past Swedish Days and Good Templar park events:


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